In 1997 I did a trek through Nepal that changed my life. Years later and the collective team have worked on global fundraising and advocacy campaigns that changed the world: Movember ($1Bn), Oxfam Trailwalker ($200m), LiveBelowTheLine ($50m) and PolishedMan ($10m). offers small group impact adventures and experiences with everything needed to support successful cause campaigns like these above.

  • Best Selection – Curated trips from world-class, award-winning operators like Intrepid
  • Best Value– Best price guarantees. Fees and costs offset by Foundation
  • 100% Impact– Free optional fundraising platform where 100% goes to your cause. Safe, secure payments and donations in 200+ currencies and countries with Stripe.
  • 24/7 Support– Day or night, the team are there for you from anywhere in the world.
  • and much more– Experts directory. Tips, tools and guides to maximize impact. Marketing-sponsorship matching with global brands. has special solutions for corporate, education and non-profit sectors.

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